Rumours abound

As the frantic gaiety of the world’s fair continues, a pall is cast over the fairway where Sassy Sadie’s Flying Circus is docked. The workers up and down the fairway have hearing vague rumours of an evil presence…

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Reserve your spot – October 12

Space is limited, so confirm now! Send an message to us by steam-powered courier pigeon to reserve your spot.



If you played a character in Chapter 1 (King George Science College Fair) or Chapter 2 (The Airship) you may play your old character – just send a note and we will confirm your registration.  If you’re new to the game or you want to play a new character please send me your name and the following information about your character:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Place of residence
  • Occupation
  • Names of three other characters you know and why you know them

If you don’t know anybody else who’s playing, that’s fine – you can invent a reason to know one of the performers in Sassy Sadie’s Flying Circus – just let us know!

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Save the Date!

Chapter Three: The latest intrigue in the world of Blood, Steam, and Gears is coming up on the afternoon of Sunday, October 12, 2014.  Join us to unravel the mysteries behind the magic of Sassy Sadie’s Flying Circus!


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Chapter Three – ON IT’S WAY!!

You can expect the next episode in October of this year.  As a teaser – here’s a little about the setting!

It is May of 1898 and Sassy Sadie’s Flying Circus is the most sought-after carnival act in the known world. They travel by Air Ship and bring delight and wonder to towns around the world. Many of the passengers aboard the Wall Cloud in February have stayed in New York to experience the wonders of the World’s Fair – and the entertainment surrounding the event. And Sassy Sadie’s Circus is there to fit the bill. Below are some of the acts patrons look forward to seeing!

She is the owner of the airship and the circus. She is a no-nonsense business woman in her late forties, and was a sharp-shooter in her younger days. She still wears a pair of pistols nearly all the time. She tends to wear earth tones with leather accents.

He is a retired light cavalry officer who decided to travel the world experiencing life and seeking an ever renewed audience for his reminiscences. After suffering a financial loss, he decided that this job would be the best way to continue to travel the world. He always sports a bowler hat and a colourful waistcoat.

The sword swallower and fire-eater – he is usually shirtless, and often sooty.

The bearded lady and ship’s pilot, she has a full head of thick luscious dark curls and wears a purple corseted dress.

The Amazing Aurelia’s act always begins with her riding out into the centre ring perched on the crest of an elephant’s head. The crowd goes wild when she springs straight up into the air from there to catch the bar that swings by far above.

The lion tamer – he is always accompanied by a male lion, a female snow tiger, and a female panther. He is introduced in shows as “Courageous Clyde Cosgrove” so people tend to refer to him as courageous Cosgrove or just Cosgrove. His working outfit is savannah safari casual.

The magician and knife thrower hails from the middle-east. He is married to his assistant and he is the epitome of elegance in his attire.

She is the childhood sweetheart of the magician and knife thrower and is now his lovely assistant and wife. Somehow the marriage works despite the knife throwing.

The sign over her booth reads “Susanna the Sibyl – Teller of Fortunes”. Lives past, present, and future hold no secrets from this seer. Her talent is renowned and she gives her predictions with a characteristically direct confidence.

Lady Shenanigans and her Peculiar Pigeons are a popular part of the carnival and a useful backup to communications technology in a pinch. She has an eclectic and colourful wardrobe and is often accompanied by a dozen or more of her avian friends.

She is the keeper of the large animals, and especially fond of the llamas.
She is the somewhat neurotic flea keeper and spends hours training her tiny performers. She spends even more time trying to make sure they haven’t escaped and infested one of the larger performers – or worse, circus-goers!

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The Airship event was a Success!

Our sincere thanks go out to everyone who turned up for Chapter 2: The Airship at McKibbins Pub in Montreal. It was a very entertaining Sunday afternoon, everyone looked steamy, and murder most foul has never been so much fun.

Check out some of the photos in Media > Chapter 2 (Montreal 2013).

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All aboard!

The Wall Cloud is set to sail.  She is crewed by the best and brightest:

Arcturus Cobalt, Captain
Corinne Cockett, First Mate
Bessie Holystone, Purser
Josephine Sparks, Chief Engineer
Jack Gudgeon, Boatswain
Madelaine Sparks, Boatswain
Lochlin Lee-De Grandpre, Master

The following passengers have confirmed passage aboard to travel in luxury to New York City:

Aubrey Blythe Jr.    child
Sanna AIsha Kunama Blythe,     Princess of Eritrea
Mr. Aubrey Blythe    explorer
Mr. William Leslie Edison    inventor
Mr. Thomas Alva Edison Jr    traveller
Mrs. Marion Estelle Edison Oeser    housewife
Mr. Chester Perkins    adventurer
Colonel Sir Christopher Brecher    Professor
Mr. Orb Arbuthnot    pro
Miss Isabelle Rhodes    student
Miss Margaret Johnston    grad student
Lord Oswald Heatherington    peerage
Lady Chelsea Heatherington    peerage
Miss Brigitta Schweitzer    champion sharpshooter
Lady Jane Cholmonderly-Mainwaring    peerage
Agatha Savage    housewife
James Savage    merchant
Lena Savage    child
Mrs. Priscilla Swinton    housewife
Don Arturo Montenegro    merchant
Dona Maria de la Fuente    student
Marina Montenegro    child
Balthazar Barnabus Cage The 4th     inventor
Farrah Day-Cage    housewife
Baron Celsius von Fahrenheit    inventor
Lady Holly Peabody (née Falconer)    peerage
Sabrina Von Edelweiss     peerage
Rutherford Cobb    Government official
Maitre Fern Molesworth    stable master
Albrecht Fromm    inventor
Geoffrey Yarris    accountant
Damiano Elgar     inventor
Jack Dickler    novellist
“Queenie” Fortescue    provost
Martina VonGaier    opera singer
Alfred Cromartie    retired
Portia Downes    nun
Annabel Clarke    maid
Timothy Hind    student
Mary Cunningham    student
Rita Yarris    student
Lily Peale    burlesque dancer
Cyrus McLeod    Prisoner

We look forward to seeing you in the Grand Common Room!

McKibbin’s Pub
Sunday afternoon at 1pm sharp!

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Pulp Fiction Glory!

Pulp-O-Mizer_Cover_Image(5)Pulp-O-Mizer_Cover_Image(4) Pulp-O-Mizer_Cover_Image(2) Pulp-O-Mizer_Cover_Image(3)

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